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Dear Family dopis

5. srpna 2012 v 13:15 | 00martaz00 |  První vyřizování
Lidičky dám Vám sem můj Dear Family dopis, aby jste měli aspoň nějakou inspiraci, vím jak sem z toho byla zoufalá já když sem nic nemohla nájít :-D tak tady to máte.. :-) No a ještě přihodím asi i video, prostě vám budoucím Au Pair chci trochu usnadnit hledání.. Já sama z toho byla šílená když sem něco hledala... :-D

Dear family
First of all I want to thank you for taking time to read my letter. In the following lines I want to tell you something about me.

My name is Martina ... . I am 19 years old. I live with mum and brother. We live in a flat in ... , a small town in the Czech Republic. I lived here for 3 years, before I lived in small village with name ... .

My mother´s name is Martina too, she works as a laborer, she is very social and smiling person. My father´s name is Bohdan, he doesn´t live with us, but he lives in the same city. He works as a foreman in a factory. He is very strict, but people love him. My brother ´s name is Tomáš, he is 17 years old and he is student in secondary vocational school, like student forestry machinery repairman. Tomáš is typical teenager, he loves loud music, cars and motorbike, but he hates when we say something to him.

I love my family very much. We spend a lot of time together. We like traveling, especially visiting our big family in many cities of the Czech Republic. Many time we spend at our cottage on the borders of our country. I love this place becouse nature is all around us.

Last month, I finished my secondary education. I studied at Higher Professional and Secondary Technical School in ... subjekt Technical Equipment of Buildings. This isn´t subject for girls too much, soo we have only two girl in our class. Now I know, that this subject isn´t for me too. In the future I would like to study speech therapy.

I am communicative, cheerful, responsible, caring, I have a sense of organization, I am patient and friendly. And love kids. I like going to the nature, playing volleyball and reading books. Lot of my time I spend at the work and after my job with my friends. My favorite animal is a cat and favorite colors are red, yellow and black, favorite food is anything with meat, and I love cooking. :-).

Something about me and children.
I went to Scaut 7 years and I was worked here as a leader as well. I went to children almost every week to a trip and twice a year at children camps. I did this at my 17 years.

After scaut I did babysitting for my mum´s friend. She required babysitting for her daughter Adélka, which had 5 years old, I went to watch her at weekend for 5 hours. I go to watch her sometimes now, but she is 8 years old, and she doesn´t need to be very guarded. I played with her on garden, played boardgames with her, went with her out and we went to park and on playground. We was cooking and drawing together. I spent great time with her.

After time I was talking with our family friend Mirka. She told me, that they are doing home remodeling and that they need babysitting for her daughter Ela. I say "YES". Ela was a 1 year old when I started to watch her. The scope of work was playing with her, holding her in safe, giving her food and changing nappy.

With Mirka and her boyfriend worked her sister Petra with her husband . And because they have children too, I guarded also their daughters Terezka and Nikolka. With this girls was bigger fun, becouse they are older. Terezka was 9 years old and Nikolka was 7 years old, soo big girls. At the moment I took care of 3 girls. It was harder.
But Terezka and Nikolka were great, they helped me with Ela, becouse she was for them big doll. They entertained themselves.
When Elinka didn´t enjoy her, I invented for them some fun as drawing, throwing a ball, playing with dolls, playing board games, anything. Mostly I think up other entertainment for them and another for Ela.
I prepared food for girls, bathed Elinka and watch to hygiene of Terezka and Nikolka.
I was very fond of them and spend with them great time.

This is all about me and my babysitting. I hope that this letter will help a little with selections aupair.
Greeting Martina.

Tak to byla jen malá inspirace pro vás :-)

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